True Family in the View of an Early Christian


"Such works of love (for so it is) puts a mark upon us, in the eyes of some. 'Look,' they say, 'how they love one another' (for they themselves hate one another), 'and how they are ready to die for each other' (for they themselves will be readier to kill each other). Yes, their indignation at us for using among ourselves the name of 'brothers' must really, I take it, come from nothing but the fact that among them every name of kinship so far as affection goes is false and feigned...But how much more fittingly are both called brothers and treated as brothers who have come to know one Father God, who have drunk of one Spirit of holiness, who from one womb of common ignorance have come with wonder to the one light of truth." (Tertullian, AD 197)

—dz 8:52 p.m.
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