"If You Love Me, You Will Obey Me"


In the natural realm—the opposite of love... might be hate.

Likewise, in the human realm—the opposite of obedience... might be disobedience.

But in the Realm of Jesus, in the Realm of God, in the Realm of Heaven... things are much more intertwined, supernaturally.

“If you love Me, you will obey Me,” saith the Lord.

There are many aspects to ponder of this Truth, but here is one. As you can see, from these words of Rabboni, Jesus—love and hatred, obedience and disobedience are integrally connected in their essence. The opposite of obedience is not simply disobedience, it is HATRED. Love brings obedience, and as we fall in love with Him, we’ll gladly obey Him. So also, disobedience and hatred are totally intertwined—not unrelated entities in the spiritual world.

Notice what comes from the heart of man. A refusal to give up pride, a refusal to relinquish the right to be important, and an insatiable appetite to be the boss of themselves, a refusal to obey Jesus... these refusals to soften are immediately connected with hatred and anger, not just disobedience:

“We will NOT have this Man to be king over us. Let’s KILL Him.”

In the unSeen Realm, “disobedience” or “ignoring” the Loving Reign of Jesus isn’t enough. Because these are not “practical” matters only, but matters of the heart and spirit, we aren’t capable of simply ignoring things of God, if they are truly from Him. When humans choose against Jesus, knowingly or unknowingly, other spiritual dynamics begin to move. When we rebel against things of God, our “LOVE will wax cold.” Imaginations and “accusations” and “proof” will materialize out of thin air. Words don’t mean the same thing any longer—everything becomes twisted. Motives are suspect.

There is a connection between love and obedience, hatred and disobedience. When we desire to disobey God, and of course justify our rebellions by blaming others or God (we’re selfish and prideful, not stupid!), we’ll find another dynamic at work in our bones. It is “hard to kick against the goads.” At least until He has “given us over”—at which point we “believe the lie”—and a false peace prevails, ominously. Yet while He tarries over us, we will find an unrest and animal reaction in our hearts that expresses itself as a loss of LOVE.

It’s a Spiritual Principle: when we don’t want the Rule of God over certain areas of our lives, because of pride or fear or lust or laziness—we must lash out at and kill the messengers—not simply ignore or disobey. It’s always been that way. The altars to the Prophets are built out of the stones used to stone the Prophets to death, saith the Lord. Disobedience and hatred are intertwined inseparably.

Cain knew it.

The idee fixe and religious pyrrhic victories of the unscrupulous pettifogger are a dead giveaway of a loss of Life and Love, borne in justified misstep, or seared conscience.

Satan is not just a liar, and not just disobedient. He is, according to Jesus, a “murderer.”

This Principle is manifested in real lives. If a person, man or woman, single or married, educated or uneducated, hyper-religious or not... if a person does not want to OBEY Jesus, they don’t simply “disobey”—they HATE. They cannot simply stop at a “refusal to obey” Him. In Jesus’ Realm, the opposite of obedience is not just disobedience. A person who wants to write their own path and do what’s right in their own eyes while blame-shifting and justifying themselves, and will not soften or humble themselves and obey... can’t stop at disobedience. They MUST hate.

The opposite of obedience is not just disobedience. It is hatred, in the Realm of that which is supernatural and Jesus. Not “Ignore Him!” but “Crucify Him!” is the call of the defiled conscience in the inner man. While, of course, attempting to find a credible way to justify the attacks and hatred, and “doing God a favor” in the process of attacking and hating, they muse. One can see this dynamic in Islam, as well as in the terrorist and fascist activities within any other religion or enterprise. This is the logic of the Spiritual Realm when, at last, a commitment to disobedience and pride have been “set in stone.” It’s the Law of the Spiritual universe—when we disobey Yahweh and His Son, and their Truths, things change in the heart, not just the mind.

It’s okay that it’s that way. It’s even a confirmation. Expect it. “If they hated Me, they will hate you.”—Jesus

The positive side, the Opportunity: On the other hand! : ) If we find ourselves beginning to feel hatred and anger in our hearts, we can “discover” something of ourselves, if we are “listening.” We can know assuredly that we are stepping outside of obedience and the Place where Jesus IS, if we are feeling division and hardening and separation and anger. God is Love. We can use this very Truth: the opposite of obedience is not just disobedience, but hatred! As we examine our own hearts for loss of love and kindness and care and patience and a redemptive compassionate heart, and use this to identify how we may be walking outside of the Spirit by disobedience in some area that we had previously justified, or not noticed. And, if we find love waning because of this disobedience, we can then discover ways to move deeper into Messiah’s love, in obedience—and humility and selfless sacrifice. When we are in disobedience to Jesus, Satan “tips his hand” by causing our hearts to grow cold, and by “accusing the Blood-bought” and pulling away and “guarding” ourselves, rather than “loving much.” We can identify and renounce and repent of the sins and rebellion that have allowed the root of bitterness and unbelief, by His Grace and Spirit! What satan means for harm, Father ALWAYS means for our good. : ) Very cool stuff, actually. : )


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