It's all about "definitions" and "popularity" really, isn't it?



It’s all about “definitions” and “popularity” really, isn’t it? 800 million people with magic water, ring kissing, religious pointy hats, incense, trillions of dollars in real estate from selling candles for the dead—and a hundred other voodoo traditions, And then there are the 3000 variations in christendom with popes other than in Rome, but most other things in common. All of these are perfectly acceptable in our society, and of no real threat to Satan’s kingdom on this earth. Because they are popular. And they are popular because they bear virtually no Resemblance to the Life and Character and Priorities of Jesus, as a Body…day by day. Just attendance-based individuals, mostly engrossed in the world, with the same percentage of sins and crimes and lusts as the world (according to Billy Graham, Jack Hayford, and George Barna). And, while these religions bear no Resemblance to the church and teachings and priorities of those we read of in the Bible (see 1Cor.12 and Acts 2:42-47)—these groups are “acceptable” and state approved. Nickels and noses, as one dear old 90 year old plumber brother was prone to say. : )

But, shouldn’t the BIBLE be our Guide as to what Jesus has Intended for His Church—not what Laodicean culture has defined in relegating “christianity” and “church” to simply attendance, extracting folks’ wealth, ritual, speeches, and entertainment? THAT is not the Bible Story of what God desires for His People, His Inheritance, His Treasure, His Testimony in His Church. Of course the BIBLE must be our measurement, not the malodorous ultimatums of what “everyone” (the high percentage) wants to do. Popularity and acceptability are the only SURE way to get it wrong, Jesus said! “MANY” who say “Lord, Lord” are the ones “on the broad road to destruction.” “Curses upon you if all men speak well of you.” “If they hated Me, they will hate you.” “No man is better than His Teacher” in demonstrating love and wisdom and power and grace. And they murdered Me with false accusations and a kangaroo court, saith the Lord of Hosts.

And so, “Few will be those” who obey Jesus and “do the will of My Father.” (Mat.7)

But BE there, ANYWAY! YOU be there, in His Love and obedience, no matter what it costs you. “Though none go with you, still YOU will follow.” The Pearl of great Price. His Blood—and your resulting heart of Faith and obedience—for the Lamb and His. DO that! LIVE it! WHERE YOU ARE! RIGHT NOW, TODAY, TONIGHT! : )
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