2am awakening gift from the Spirit, for His Bride, His True Love


“Yes, I have endured for you, endured you, have sacrificed blood and treasure for you, have shown you true love when the others only used you. And yet, is it true? You would easily give your love to another, when I have died a thousand deaths for that love - because ‘I’m not your type’ - ‘I’m not hip enough for you in a crowd’? The love you withhold from Me you could easily give to another? You would speak that love and have passion for another, and I am to you subtly considered a nuisance, or a confine, or afterthought? Yes, I am jealous for you, though you think of this as a bad quality because it is not the neutrality that gives you ‘space’ to have no concern for your choices. But, it is true. I love you, and have, and will pursue you. But, of course, though not all choices are equal, I made you in my Image. You may decide.” 8:20 am

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