Women's Role in God's Family

Beauty, Order, Protection, Fullness, Giftedness and Fruitfulness for Jesus

A look at women's role in the Church according to Father's heart without the faulty view of seeing women as second class citizens that robs them of their inheritance and robs Jesus' Body of the gifts they can offer and without any 'women's rights' stuff. There is NO doubt that our Father has a Plan of distinct but equal roles of men and women, as surely as man was created from dust and woman from the man's rib. This book gives you a picture of God's Lady! Fully expressing the Spirit of the Living God, as a woman, amongst God's People. God's ways are Wonder-full.


  1. Understanding What the Apostle Said About Women in Gatherings
  2. Meetings: Where Do Women Fit In?
  3. On "Women's Role"
  4. Spousal, Employer, or Governmental "Authority"
  5. Some Practical Questions About Men's and Women's Roles
  6. Externals or the Heart?
  7. Head Coverings? Or Just COVERING?
  8. Question about Head Covering
  9. Your Own Oil
  10. Marriage Perspectives and Objectives
  11. Working it Out, TOGETHER... in the Midst of Immaturity
  12. Fragrant Women: To Him and Him Alone, Then With Two or Three With Jesus
  13. Wives, Boys, and Toys
  14. Difference Between Male and Female
  15. Thoughts about Relationships
  16. Kingdom Beauty
  17. Protected And Within The Walls
  18. "Single" Sisters in the Workplace
  19. Women In Men's "Workplace"
  20. Female/Male Stuff
  21. "Chivalry" is Not Dead
  22. Are You a Male or a Female?
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