A Barnyard Analogy of Sin


A quote/riddle for the evening. “A hen is an egg’s way of making another egg.” Consider how this related to satan’s tactics with temptation. One answer will come, later.—jp 6:13 p.m.

(from jp, con’t.) Well, here’s one way to look at the egg riddle. It’s the backward way of looking at things, but sometimes it may be helpful to see the war from the enemy’s perspective…Do you know what it means to insult a king? When you sin, you insult the King of kings! And satan enjoys that! Ahh! Satan doesn’t want you to be happy; he wants you to be in Hell with him. But he will let you be happy… for a little while. Then he will want you to be miserable, so that you will sin again, and insult the King again. Get the picture? “A hen is an egg’s only way of making another egg.” The egg is sin and the hen is pleasure. If it weren’t for the hen, there would be no more eggs; if it weren’t for the pleasure, there would be no reason to sin. The pleasure of sin is a “gift” from satan. See it right! No trite pleasure is worth the pain of grieving the King of kings. 10:20 p.m.

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