A Son is Born That Way


Count the cost to love the lost and expose their wicked deeds,

That they might turn to Me

For eternity

And fill their unsought needs.

I say the cost was on the cross

Where their Savior sought to bleed.

For from within, I will pluck their sin

Like the dresser plucks the weed

Oh count the cost

To win the lost

Whose shame I gladly bear.

Take My name and bear My shame

My grace will meet you there.

In the end you will lose some friends

Yet a son is born that way.

It’s by this cost I redeemed the lost

To meet them in that day.

Do you hear I am drawing near,

Yes even at the door

I paid the price a sacrifice

Yet I hear you cry for more.

Yes seek the lost

At any cost

My coming is at the door.

For to that day I made a way

To live forever more.

The price you will pay is the one I paid

Their value I have set.

For that day, walk this way

A reward with no regret.


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