A "Wound Healer"

First a 'wounded healer'


Thought for the day, based on a Scripture I was marveling at this morning...

To be a “wound healer” we must first be a “wounded healer” (2 Corinthians 1). There can be no HOLY SPIRIT healing through us (little more than external “yak”) if we can’t “identify” and “feel” the sins that murder Jesus in our own bones (1 John 1). That’s not an excuse for compromise, but surely a cause for mercy and patience towards A PERSON WHO IS NOT DEFENSIVE, BUT WANTS TO CHANGE...and is finding it difficult. Do they WANT to repent and make the effort to Change, without excuses and whining? Then look within yourself, if you are capable, for the pain of the struggle. For Father to Use us, we must Identify with them. That is, if they care. We must be sensitive enough to See and Feel the “struggle” if we are to truly be of any Help, just as Jesus identified “in all ways” with His brothers and sisters.

If we cannot feel it? That wouldn’t be good.

“In his own eyes he flatters himself too much to detect or hate his OWN sin” (Ps.36:2).


If we never FEEL the shame of our struggles, and don’t feel the anguish of the cross within ourselves, we are missing something essential to our Usefulness to Father and His Kingdom. LIFE is not imparted by process of “information dispensing” or knowledge acquisition. Not JESUS’ Life.

PLEASE ask Father to show you yourself, so you can be a Useful Vessel? In that Realm JESUS can receive all the Glory...and the Spirit of Christ can do miracles, in us, and through us.


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