He Is All You'll Ever Need


Thought for the day from a dude named Finley... If you DEEPLY believed that your happiness depended on having enough Mountain Dew, how would you act? If you were GENUINELY convinced that if you didn’t HAVE a STEADY supply of Mountain Dew, **how would that affect your thinking, your moods, your relationships??** Wouldn’t your fear of NOT HAVING WHAT YOU “NEED” affect everything else negatively, UNNECESSARILY? “I can’t be kind, or truly happy, or giving—UNTIL I GET WHAT I ‘NEED’—THEN I can be kind and loving, and living, and sensitive to others, and happy. If my access to Mountain Dew is not working out right now, all the good things have to go on hold until I get it. I’m willing to compromise in order to get to the place where there is ‘no pain’ or I can be ‘fulfilled,’—THEN I’ll be able to be and do the other things Jesus has invited me to be and do for Him. But until then, I’m afraid that I won’t have _____ and am paralyzed and I’m a different person than I want to be and Jesus empowers me to be, until ____. But someday (when I’ve got a steady supply of the Mountain Dew that I HAVE to have)...”

Obviously, DON’T FALL FOR ALL THAT!! The Truth is, you already have HIM, and everything you need. The rest is an illusion. The enemy wants you to worry about what you don’t have or what you aren’t or what others think. Give it all to HIM!! REST IN HIM!! 2:17 p.m.

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