The Stuff "ANGELS long to look into!"


Read this this morn from today page (The Revelation of Christ). It was clearer this time how there are so many out there who say Lord Lord but it really means NOTHING apart from the Father revealing his Son to them. Seems like there is such a huge chasm between the religious and those who See ALL ALL ALL things, big and small, through Jesus’ eyes (big- grace, love, salvation, his bride, the Work and the War etc. small- where we live, money, babies and biology or whether or not we get to be in with a “grandchild’s” birth, looks, futures, death, etc :) obviously some small things can be big:)) But satan only recognizes and can only be (and will be) defeated by the real thing!! Really people!!...there is such a huge out-of-this-world difference!!!!! —HE


A Revelation of Christ

Having the Capacity to, like Peter, SEE Him who is invisible!

...If we don’t “see” Jesus ourselves, we have nothing. Even Peter and the others “said” they knew Jesus was the Son of God before the Father revealed this to Peter’s heart (Mat. 14:33). But it meant nothing to Jesus, until it had come from the Father (Mat. 16:16-18). If the Father Himself has not shown Jesus to us miraculously then we have nothing. If we ourselves have not found Jesus, seen Him in the inner man with “the eyes of our hearts,” then it is not what God intended for us. He cannot and will not build HIS church with anything less than Living Stones, people, that know Him in the inner man. This has always been prophesied as the New Deal (New Covenant) He was making with man (Jer. 31:31-34; Eze. 36:25-27)! Building done out of Revelation is the only building that the Father receives. It must be a real connection with heaven—or it’s not real christianity. Mere form religion has no long-term value, and the gates of Hell will prevail, in time, against that life and all that is built from it. “Upon this rock of revelation, this opening of the eyes of the heart that has come directly from the Father about Who I am, upon this unmovable Foundation—I will build my church, and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.” What is that rock? It’s a revelation of Jesus as the Christ of God and “the Son of the God, the Living.” It is, as Paul said, an inner seeing of “the unsearchable riches of Christ” and the working out (“the administration”) of the unsearchable riches of Christ in our daily lives (Eph. 3:8-11). This is VERY good stuff! The angels “long to look into these things!”
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