Ask Him Multiple Times a Day to Heal You


I know that during the daily hour or more you spend on your knees, you probably don’t pray MUCH for “yourself” directly. However, I’d like to suggest something that has seemed appropriate to the Spirit of Christ in my life: PICK ONE PARTICULAR CHARACTER FLAW (a.k.a. SIN) YOU ARE PRONE TO, AND ASK HIM MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY THAT HE HEAL YOU OF THAT ISSUE. Multiple times each day, turn your face to Him and ask Him, “Father I REALLY need, for YOUR Glory, more Self-Control. PLEASE be my Healer. Make me a (wo)man of SELF-CONTROL, for Your Name’s sake.” Or, ask Him to Heal your greed, or fear, or negativism, or impatience, or laziness, or pride, or vanity, or hatred of authority, or _____!!! Pick your “THANG” and ask Him CONSTANTLY, by name, for Healing in that area, as a Testimony to His Greatness. Be specific, and relentless....!!!

Add that “multiple times per day, specific prayer” to your other hour or two of prayer. That is certainly a legitimate and honorable “way” to “pray for yourself.” Remind yourself to pray... by dropping to your knees before you pick up your toothbrush. You will not ever brush your teeth unless you have spoken to Him first. Or, remind yourself that you won’t pick up your car keys during the day without first turning your heart towards Him for a moment first. Remind yourself to ask Him to Free you in this “area” (and other petitions for others) by not putting on your shoes or taking off your shoes without turning your face to Him on these matters before you put that shoe on, or take it off.

“As you rise up, as you sit down, as you walk along the Way!” : )

Just felt I should pass on what has meant a lot to me..... xoxoxo
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