A Ballad -- Life In the Kingdom


Here is something a few of us wrote awhile back. It seemed to go along well with what we’ve all been talking about.

For the King, Bryan and Meredith


Here is a story ’bout life in the Kingdom and some people who’re touched from above. Whether learning or playing or working together, all is done for each other in love.

Some mornings begin with a war in the bed: to snooze or prepare for the day. Sometimes it’s hard to choose what is right. Triumph! - with the choice to obey.

Time spent for others on knees before God, seeking His bread for a friend. Praising, worshiping, thanking the Father, refreshed by the Spirit’s wind.

Basketball, soccer, softball or golf, avenues for changing the heart. Commitment, tenacity, teamwork and strength, building character satan can’t thwart.

Throughout the day there are ways of serving. Helping a fellow friend. Sometimes it’s hard to be a servant to others but a hand God’s children will lend.

A day in the Kingdom’s about climbing with Jesus rung by rung on the ladder of life. Sin must be challenged and touched by others becoming like Him is His delight.

Sometimes one comes against a wall knowing not what to do. But eyes turned toward the Living God will see that He’s the way through.

Investing in children is a big part of life. In what ways can Jesus be shown? Through learning His attitudes and His way of giving, preparing their hearts to be His home.

Friends can be friends no matter what size. Big, little, short or tall. Living in the Kingdom, it does not matter; All for one and one for all.

Sometimes one lets distraction slide. Without noticing time will be passed. But going through life with desperate devotion, makes moments eternally last.

The trials are hard and battles are wearing. Each soldier needs all the others. When one has a struggle, temptation or fear, strength is found in sisters and brothers.

The world’s full of people who need God. Without Him, they’ll remain incomplete. Through Jesus’ people they’ll be rescued from darkness In their lives, satan sees his defeat.

Throughout the day, much can be learned, while walking by Jesus’ side. Whether dishes or math or praying with friends, all is done to prepare His Bride.

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