Baptism In the Spirit



“Spirit Baptism”—Counterfeit or True?

from Smith Wigglesworth, 1859-1947

When we have the right attitude, faith becomes remarkably active. But it can never be remarkably active in a dead life. When sin is out, when the body is clean, and when the life is made right, then the Holy Spirit fills with the evidence of changed lives. If sin is not destroyed in daily practice and personal life, such is not true Holy Spirit Baptism. In such a powerless state as to not change the sin of a man or woman, “the Baptism” is but a ruse, a religious parlor game, a selfish amusement. There is much such activity, sacrilegiously using Jesus’ Holy Name in “Holy Spirit Baptism.” And yet, if this claim of “Baptism” is not dealing with sin, it is thus a counterfeit of the true. If sin goes on unchecked, there has been no Holy Spirit Baptism, regardless of so-called “accompanying signs.” Immersion into the Power and Life of Jesus can accomplish no less than the destruction of conscienceless sin habit. (See 1 John, chapters 1-3.)

Why should we press for the Holy Spirit’s Life and Power, rather than simply “do good deeds” as our own minds and morals dictate? Why should we wrestle and pray with a living faith to be made ready? Because we need the Holy Spirit to convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment—that is why the Holy Spirit is to come into your body. First of all, your sin is gone, and you can see clearly to speak to others. But Jesus does not want you to point out the speck in somebody else’s eye while the plank is in your own. (See Matthew 7:3-5.)

The place of being filled with the Holy Spirit must be the place of operation where the believer binds the power of Satan in lives. Satan thinks that he has a right, and he will have a short time to exhibit that right as the Prince of the World; but he can’t be Prince as long as there is one person filled with the Holy Spirit. That person, having stood in God’s Counsel, will “turn God’s People from their sin.” (See Jeremiah 23 and Hebrews 1:9.)

Now, how dare you resist coming into the place of being filled with the life and power of the Holy Spirit? Do you have prejudice? What is the attitude of your life? Are you thirsty? Are you longing? Are you willing to pay the price? Are you willing to forfeit in order to have? Are you willing to allow yourself to die so that He may live? Are you willing for Him to have the right-of-way in your heart, your conscience, and all you are? Will you allow Him to fit you into the Body, and merge your preferences and destiny into the lives of others, crucifying pride, independence, and self-life? This is the Baptism, “into one Body”—with all that this must mean. (See 1 Corinthians 12:12-28.) Are you ready to have God’s deluge of blessing upon your soul? Are you ready to be changed forever? Do you passionately and humbly desire to be wrapped and endued in the Holy Spirit, to be filled with divine power forever, to bring others into the oneness, the character and the life of Christ? Pursue Clothing from on High for the Holy Task of His Work in His House, and in this fallen, perverted age. Nothing but His Life and Power can overcome the dark prince and his sycophants and minions. In His Clothing alone can one free from sin bondage and judgment those we are commissioned to snatch from the fire. In His Clothing alone can we be useful to Him, “wrestling” together to “perfect in Christ” our brothers and sisters, that “the Bride be made ready.” The Spirit AND the Bride may then say, “Come, Lord Jesus.”

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