Behind the Lines


What follows is a true World War II story, recovered from correspondence and verified by participants in the war. Whenever we hear from those in institutional religion that “God’s Truth about His Church, Acts 2:42-47 and 1Cor.12, Eph.3:10, Eph.5:27, Mark 10:29-30, Mat.16:18 daily Life—can’t REALLY work!”…we think of 20 years of watching first-hand His Love and Fruit and Life, and BELIEVING His Scripture and Promises, and giggle at such stories as this below. : )

Monday, January 25, 1943:

An account of guerilla activities against the Japanese, and negotiations, in the Philippines in 1943:

Jorge Vargas, head of the puppet government which the Japanese have organized here sent a letter through an intermediary to one of the most active guerilla leaders hiding in the mountains of the Island of Panay. “It is useless and cruel for you to continue your resistance,” said Vargas in his letter. “Cruel because the civilian population in the villages near you suffer terribly as a result, and sooner or later, have to give in. America cannot help you. What remains of her army here surrendered long ago. The Japanese fleet is master of the Pacific and no supplies from the United states can possibly reach these shores. American sovereignty is gone from the Philippines, never to return. If you and your men, however, will lay down your arms and report to the nearest authorities, the Japanese who are merciful and generous will pardon you for your stubborn resistance.”

The guerilla leader did not reply in writing to Mr. Vargas. Instead he sent back a small package inside which were four juicy Delicious apples. As you probably know, apples do not grow in the Philippines.
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