Being Jesus in the Flesh - The Word - Amongst People

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It’s taken way too long for me to “get” it…I’ve been hearing and reading (and seeing) about the true Jesus for over 22 years now…The lie has just been too deep within me, as well as the old covenant approach of trying to do good (good intention, independent, “Buzz Lightyear” living)…Those things have veiled the Way, Truth and Life—Jesus. Those days are behind me now…Time to press on IN the true Jesus, Today…My inheritance—which is YOU, my loves!!!! : )

TRUE Biblical Christ-centered Church is NOT (I think I’m finally listening with my heart after all of this time!) is NOT: a thing, a religion, a self help program, a “youth” program, a ministry, a sunday morning gathering, a certain set of beliefs (doctrine and concepts) that a group tries to apply…or markets…or tries to recruit others to…Church is not an entertainment “fellowship,” a shallow baby pool of fun things to do together, not a place to go meet other singles, friends, or a future mate…It’s not a child rearing symposium or day care center to delegate to or be a safety net for our bad parenting skills or our insecurities or selfishness or worldliness or laziness…It’s not a community development strategy (let’s have so many of these “church” buildings on soooo many street corners—for the people—to feel a sense of “community”…a park, a grocery store, a blah blah…), it’s also not a local governmental plan/infrastructure to reach out to society's poorest and homeless…Not a welfare to work program support system, a justice of the peace (a place to get married), a place to hear speeches, a place to have community gatherings, a counseling center, a place to pray, a place to feel spiritual, a place to sing, a place for do-gooding—or earning a community service credit hour…A place to “feel a part” of something, a movement, a society, a club, a place to play bingo, basketball…On and on and on and on…Church is NOT a thing, a concept, a program to run after, a thing to attend!

Church IS JESUS…His flesh and blood on earth as it is in Heaven…Jesus’ Body—His Fullness in heaven as it is on earth…He is the Head who is living through those who are Resting in Him (Sabbathing)…He directs and lives through the Members of His Body (of course, just like any body)…Jesus is connected to those who trust in His Life (Zoë) and His blood…He is the vine and those who are One with Him are the branches…He is the fruit bearer. He is Not a thing, but a risen Person who is alive. Those that are in Him are seated with Him in the Heavenlies, they come Together as Him—the One Man (Jesus)…They Together are the living and active Word of God—Living Testaments of Change (overcomers), they ARE Jesus living amongst people (not a concept)…Jesus is walking on the planet Today…He is a Light to the world, a City set on a hill, a Heavenly Temple made up of Living Stones…A Habitation of God by His Holy Spirit…He is a treasure hidden in a field, in jars of clay, not a here or there kingdom—but a Kingdom that is withIN the Hearts of flesh…In those who are dead to themselves but alive in Christ…HE is welcome to live, move, and have His Being reign in their mortal bodies…

Eat His flesh and drink His blood Today. Go to this “Church,” is wrong…Instead, melt into His Life that is neither here nor there but WITHIN people. You have to go there to have Him, He said. Into this Organism, into this Person.

Be this Person!

Please open my eyes to See and Believe, Father. No more religion and concepts for this boy today. Show me more and more of the Fullness of Jesus and His Character. Reign in my environment Today. Please Come…Help us take the promise land by force.

Buzz shares the good news of the KINGDOM! :-)

His LIFE not meetings to attend
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