Why Do You Believe in God and the Bible?


Many people wonder, “Why do people see the Bible differently?” A partial answer is this: Because the Bible is a SPIRITUAL Book (not just a math or physics book), it actually is UNDERSTOOD differently by those with agendas that are not God’s agendas. That’s a GOOD thing, and quite impressive on God’s part. It helps separate the pretenders from those who are truly His friends. “WHO can ascend God’s Holy Hill? Those with clean hands and a pure heart.” And, “Some have wandered away from a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith. They still WANT to be ‘teachers’—but they don’t know what they are talking about, or what they so confidently affirm.”

WOW. That means that a person who is living a hypocritical life, or simply wants to USE God for his own benefit, but will not truly totally give away their life for Him, will THINK they know something—but God will blind them to the Truth, and they will be WRONG, no matter how “smart” they are, or how “well studied” they are. Cool stuff, eh? Try THAT one with calculus or biology! So, all of that to say, OF COURSE there are “different interpretations” of the Bible. God PLANNED it that way, so that we will “know them by their FRUIT”—not their words or ideas or stuff. Jesus Himself was like that. You would never love Jesus, during His physical lifetime here, based on how impressive his speech was. “He had no beauty or majesty that we would be drawn to Him.” He was “learned” by “scholarship” standards, and didn’t think, act, or talk like the “experts” in “religion” did. That is exactly why they killed Him.

So—what to do?! Get YOUR life Right with God, by the Blood and Spirit of Jesus Christ, in all of the little things, and the big, for His Sake, and out of love for Him. And, “I will be found by those who seek for me WITH ALL THEIR HEARTS!” : ) His is GOOD! And He still separates the Sheep from the Goats WITH HIS VOICE. Not information, but LIFE. “To whom shall we go? YOU have the words of LIFE!” And, “THIS is Eternal Life: that you may intimately know Him, personally, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom He has sent.” Which begs the question that you are also asking: How do you know if what you believe is right and directed by God? The answer is: “HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN YOU ARE IN LOVE?” Hmmmm…. You do, though, don’t you? : ) HE IS REAL, and HE IS VERY VERY VERY ALIVE! He’s not a doctrine or a concept or a lifestyle or a brain game or a sentimental fuzzy koala to hug in the dark nights of life. HE IS GOD! And wants to be your friend, and my friend. All are invited to the Supper, but Jesus said “FEW WILL BE THOSE WHO COME.”

YOU can, though. : )

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