Born To Inherit Zoe Life


When Jesus told the Twelve that He was going away, as you could imagine it made them very, very sad. All of them LOVED being with Him. The thought of life without Him seemed dim. They remembered what life was like before He came and they were not at all looking forward to it. They loved Him and treasured His company. To help “Cheer them up,” Jesus told them some fabulous, but mysterious news. He told them that He was going to send a special friend to be with them to the end of the age. And that by the promised Holy Spirit, He and His Father would come to make their homes inside of them. Their gift would be so amazing that Jesus said it would be BETTER for them if He left!! That is our inheritance! Daily, deep, rich, friendship with Jesus... so deep and so rich that if He lived with us everyday in a human body it wouldn’t be as good! Please don’t settle for ideas and concepts. Draw near to Him. Cultivate that secret Zoe life. It’s why you were born...
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