Carried Along In His Current


“...Let Him have the things that hold you, and His Spirit like a dove will descend upon your life and make you whole.” What’s got a hold of you? What sort of things are making your compass needle flicker? Let Jesus have those things. Look Him in the eye and SURRENDER those things to Him. Personally, I must give Him my ATTENTION. It’s easily diverted to other “things” or just vegs out if I don’t focus my mind. I must say, “I’m sorry; I wasn’t paying very close attention. I’m VERY sorry. Please forgive me. Now I’m watching. I’m listening. I’m all ears. Eager to hear and to join YOU in any adventure You may have for my next five minutes—whether “big” or “small.” I MUST choose to swim out to the middle of HIS river. Then, His current is plenty strong enough to carry me along. And if I’ll surrender my will, as weak as it is, and immerse myself in HIS river—setting aside my own life/agenda; that’s when I find that His yoke IS EASY and His burden IS LIGHT. The only thing that EVER weighs me down is my own false goals and priorities. —nb
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