Carry On for the Lamb


Advice of the day for Disciples of Jesus : ) So WHEN your emotions jump to “highs” and crash to “lows” and WHEN your feelings fluctuate violently (I know, I know—you have GREAT reasons for it all : ) ) ........ be sure and treat your King Jesus, AND those who are His, with a STEADY respect and SENSITIVE kindness and UNSHAKEABLE commitment. ANYWAY! No MATTER how you “feel.” : ) When you’re “feeling” rocky, just remember this: You are a “chemical” machine by Design of your “shell”—and therefore you should EXPECT that many of your temptations in life will come in that form of “feelings” and “emotions” and “fatigue” and “frustration.” Just brush them off out of CHARACTER and COMMITMENT, and “carry on” for the Lamb. For it is, in the end, “CHRIST, the Anointed One, IN you: the hope of GLORY!” 9:25 a.m.
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