Choices That Have Wonderful Effects...


Is it AMAZING, or WHAT?! Any act of obedience, self-sacrifice, agape, or restraint of the flesh for Jesus... has SUCH a wonderful effect on our day and our lives! Emotions are subdued, thinking comes back into focus, more peace, less insanity, clearer perspective for WHAT PLEASES GOD! All of this, just for CHOOSING to deny the flesh, or make the confession, or ask humbly for forgiveness, or by letting go of unforgiveness, or when we force ourselves away to a devoted time with Father, or by crushing the bad thinking or rampant, un-Christlike emotions or sinful temptation, etc. What a great deal He has for us when we do it HIS way! A delightful Journey, in spite of what our personal “details” might be. “Godliness with CONTENTMENT is Great gain!” : ) 3:58 p.m.
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