Christ In Us—a "Multiple Personality Syndrome"


Have you read that twenty-one page T.A. Sparks paper yet? One of the things he says in there is that EVERY part of the body of Christ… EVERY SINGLE PERSON, has a unique aspect of Jesus’ character deposited in them. At first I thought that might be overstating things… EVERYONE? Something TOTALLY UNIQUE? But when you think about it, God has gone to the trouble of making every snowflake unique… even every person in the flesh is unique… “identical” twins aren’t even really identical, are they? So why not? What TOTALLY UNIQUE aspect of Jesus’ unimaginable wisdom, character, courage, love, bravery, trust, selflessness… do you have? How are you going to share it with everyone else? How are you going to appreciate it in those around you? Don’t you realize that THIS is the SECRET God kept for ages and ages and ages? This is what it’s ALL about!!! Just a thought from a mind-boggled fellow sojourner… —tc 7:33 p.m.
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