Christ IN You, the Hope of GLORY


Good morning, i was listening to this and wanting to absorb it. I am, you are, we are, the Temple of the Lord! As it says, if this applies to you as one truly Converted to Jesus: BE, Represent, Explore, Enjoy. What a privilege! love, ch

You are that Temple excerpt

…You are a habitation of God, by the Spirit. You are the temple of the Lord. When you truly understand what God said about the magnificence of the habitation of God in His Temple—a building that’s not built by men’s hands, but built by His Hands—you’ll see it’s a Spiritual Temple and you are that Temple. Don’t defile that Temple. If you truly understand what the New Covenant is, you’re not just some isolated human being trying to wander around and get away with as much as you can, while you are a part of something that makes you feel like everything is okay. You stand by yourself on planet earth among seven billion people on a big round rocket ship of mud. You stand by yourself in a sense, as a Temple of the Lord.



These are choices that you make as an individual, I make as an individual. Be. Represent. You are that temple. You are that third temple.

Live it! Explore it! Enjoy it!

“In My Father’s House there are many rooms.” Explore the rooms. Be! It’s an honor, an immense privilege that not a single person in this room, myself included, has even begun to explore the momentous glory of that later, greater House and all that God means when He says, “You are that temple.”

We get so lost and confused and wondering and viewing ourselves as just these individuals bouncing off things and events and circumstances in the world. Just take a deep breath, just plant your feet, stand there and look up into the sky and realize, YOU ARE THAT TEMPLE! The temple of the Lord, the house of God—you are that, if you are saved.

That puts it in a different light when you are in the workplace, when you’re in a restaurant, when you’re in a store, and when you’re standing in the front yard with your arms spread out wide and your eyes piercing into the heavens, through the clouds, through the darkness, through the planets, through the galaxies, through the stars, “I am the Temple of the Lord!” That’s not arrogance, that’s the Word of God. That’s the thing that we were meant to explore, enjoy, fully embrace and live in at its fullest level: the fullness of Christ. We are equipped for works of service into the full measure of the stature of Christ.

And you know Jesus stood that way. When He stretched out His Hands and His eyes looked into the heavens, He was the Temple of the Lord. He wasn’t just some guy wandering around the planet. And now He’s bestowed that privilege on us. Don’t be small-minded about it and get distracted by Babylon. When you sing the songs of Jerusalem, understand what that means. If nobody else was in this room, if no one else happened to be in your life (it’s a privilege that there are), plant your feet wide, stretch out your arms, let your eyes look into the heavens and understand that His plan, His vow, His covenant by the blood of His Son is that you are that Temple, the Temple of the Lord, the greatest Temple. Those others were images, those were just shadows of the nothingness of man’s attempt to reach God. And now His plan is that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost shall make Their Home in you. You are that Temple

(1 Corinthians 3:16-17, 1 Corinthians 6:19, 2 Corinthians 6:16, Ephesians 2:19-22)


Hi : ) i had read the excerpt above a little while back and i, too, really want to absorb it, and Live it. It is a privilege! I painted a picture about it and i was reminded last night when we were raising our hands to our King declaring our love and loyalty to Him no matter what the cost, and i thought of this painting I had done a few weeks ago... love, ma

The painting of a man and woman with arms raised into the stars: “I am the Temple of the Lord!”

Photograph of men and women raising hands declaring love and loyalty to King Jesus.
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