Clarity Precedes Change :)


How much do you pray? For how long, really, and how often in a day? Do you “forget” to do so, or are you dependent and honoring of Him in all circumstances during your day? Is your prayer clear-minded, focused, personal, and real? Is your worship genuine and spontaneous and constant—or the borrowed, “factory” version, or only the piggy-backed kind? Is He your constant companion and Ruler and Lover, or a “figure head” and a “belief”? Are your thoughts and decisions done as a partner with and for Him, our living friend and master—rather than self-serving or man-pleasing?

Finally, which do you think is more valuable: “knowing things”....... or having God’s ear and being persuasive with Him, out of love and faith and obedience, as His servant and friend? 10:20 p.m.
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