Clean Hands and a Pure Heart!


“WHO can ascend God’s Holy Hill? Those with clean hands and a pure heart.”

Hi, we were reading this in a biology textbook this morning. Just was thinking isn’t this is how it has always been…for the prophets and Jesus and His True Hearts today. People are DYING because of sin. And yet if you call out “Wash your hands!” then the self-proclaimed “doctors” of religion and those who love touching filth and immorality will work together to get you fired. (Or murdered.)


Ignaz Semmelweis, Hungarian doctor in the 1800’s…

“He was appointed to a ward in Vienna’s most modern hospital, the Allegemeine Krankenhaus. He noticed that in his ward, patients were dying at a rate that far exceeded that of all the other wards, even the wards with much sicker patients…He finally determined that the only noticeable difference was that his ward was the first one that the doctors and medical students visited after they performed autopsies on the dead…Semmelweis then developed a way to test his hypothesis. He instituted a rule that all doctors had to wash their hands after they finished their autopsies and before they entered his ward. Believe it or not, up to that point in history, doctors never thought to wash their hands before examining or even operating on a patient! Dr. Semmelweis hoped that by washing their hands, doctors would remove whatever was being carried from the corpses to the patients in his ward. He eventually required doctors to wash their hands after examining each patient so that doctors would not carry something bad from a sick patient to a healthy patient.

Although the doctors did not like the new rules, they grudgingly obeyed them, and the death rate in Dr. Semmelweis’s ward decreased significantly! This, of course, was good evidence that his hypothesis was correct. You would think that the doctors would be overjoyed. They were not. In fact, they got so tired of having to wash their hands before entering Dr. Semmelweis’s ward that they worked together to get him fired. His successor, anxious to win the approval of the doctors, rescinded Semmelweis’s policy, and the death rate in the ward shot back up again.

Semmelweis spent the rest of his life doing more and more experiments to confirm his hypothesis that something unseen but nevertheless deadly can be carried from a dead or sick person to a healthy person. Although Semmelweis’s work was not appreciated until after his death, his hypothesis was eventually confirmed by enough experiments that it became a scientific theory…Nowadays, doctors do all that they can to completely sterilize their hands, clothes, and instruments before performing any medical procedure.”
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