Co-heirs are CO-JUMPERS


Conversation among a few over last couple days...

S: I had a dream where several of us were somewhere in the world actively telling the world of Jesus and His Kingdom. After some powerful times, this little analytical fella comes up to a brother and was saying how wonderful everything he had seen and heard had been. He was saying he could see God’s hand and God’s work but he just had “one question about the role of women.” He said that it seemed like we let women have too visual a role. That women should not be seen or heard like that (what he was seeing). He was saying everything women do should be behind the scenes.

While he was saying these things to the brother (with a sister standing next to the brother), the brother quietly and calmly said something like “back scissor” to the sister (which she understood to be a command). When he said it... immediately they both jumped high in the air simultaneously doing a backwords flip with a scissor kick (backward superpower type flip in the air and then kick :)) that kicked 2 approaching enemies in the face and knocked them flat. (They did it with neither of them turning around. And the lady didn’t look over her shoulder or ask what the brother meant. She just followed the order and helped flatten the enemies approaching.)

The analytical guy questioning women’s role was then just staring at the two with his mouth open. The brother was looking at him as if to say, “you were saying?” But the guy was just dumbfounded. Question answered.

B: Can each of us honestly “look square in the eye” the daily choices we are or are not making to FEED the faith that would make the poise, love, submission to one another, unity, focus, and depth of that Vision possible for you? Yes even YOU…. What about the power of the living God and the debt we owe and LOVE response we can have make anything less acceptable?

S: And we will never *fully* Experience the “superpower kick” relationships if we will not “get in the wheelbarrow” of JUMPING at the slightest command, (whether a Word from our Head or head :)) with NO need to “look over our shoulder to see for ourselves” because we have such an inward Trust and Seeing.

“Co-heir” does not mean “co-questioner” or “co-decisionmaker”. Co-heirs are CO-JUMPERS into all our Inheritance. It’s time to jump. Baby steps will no longer get us there. Time to take leaps and bounds! (Baby steps are fine when you are a baby. But once you are grown, it’s time to be jumping!)

M: Not everyone will always see invisible things behind them without actually looking. But everybody can be ready to jump when it’s time to jump and be available for the other as well.
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