An Evening Conversation, in passing


Verily, in this passing earth-realm the “QUANTITY” of one’s years is indeterminate. Some of us will experience only a handful of years here, while others may press towards a century of human life in earthly “tent.” No one can know which you will be, which I will be.

Stranger still, the passing of whatever years may be allotted to each of us is eerily “relative.” Months and years speed ever more quickly as we near the End of Time, and as we run downhill into the passing of our own personal time here on earth. The number of years between human ages of 18 and 28…seem to be perhaps eight. The sense of our years between age 28 and 38…is that only six years could have passed. And then, all of those days, months and years between ages 38 and 48 seem to be no more than five years as we reflect upon them.

If you have experienced this phenomenon because you have turned these calendar pages in your own life, you understand. If you have not yet encountered this perplexing time-warp, you will.

Here then is the conclusion: ALL that matters, truly, is the QUALITY of whatever years we have been granted. The “quantity” of years is compressed and loses meaning, and for many never has had much meaning. All men die, but not all men have ever lived and loved and contributed to the life and love of others. Quantity means little to nothing, as many have proven. QUALITY will never fade or lose meaning. And thus, the 90-year-old apostle’s repeated emphasis on obedience to God…and “Little children, LOVE one another.” QUALITY of Life is all we can make choices about—but THAT we may.
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