Courage, to Believe


Jesus’ blood was shed and with His Work, faith, obedience and perseverance, He won for us humans, a WAY OUT. Before He did that, there was NO way out. NOW, because of what He has done, there is a way out. That is so fantastic. Can you imagine having NO option for how to resolve a dilemma, or bring about change in our lives or others’? No place to go for cleansing and True forgiveness? Can you imagine not having anywhere or anyone to go to? Just left on your own to murmur, grumble, hate, be condemned? Imagine having no Place, no Hope, no Well to draw from—a totally run-dry desert with nothing but death and starvation staring you in the face. What a harsh thought to ponder! But that WOULD BE the REALITY if it weren’t for Jesus.

But wait! Jesus IS!! He DID IT! He really did. He paid the price. He became courage and strength and focus and determination and persistence, FOR us. Where we never could in a trillion eons, Jesus HAS done it and been it. He has. Completely and Forever. He has overcome the world, and satan and death and hell and every sin that would ever rip us off and rule over us. Sooooo, NOW in the event of failure and sin, there is Hope that can be restored inside of me. NOW, I have a Place to go. He is the One. I can run to Him and He holds out a Way for me, for us! Therefore, i must not lose heart in the face of failure after failure. I must NOT roll over and die. I MUST summon the courage to look Jesus in the eye and ask for His forgiveness (again). I must have the courage to say “I WILL trust you. I will walk forward with faith and hope in my heart. I will guard the good things that You want me to dwell on. I will reject faithless/failure/self-condemnation type thoughts.” And this, not with a “brute force” in the flesh. Just with quiet resolve and focus and courage to steadily believe one moment at a time.

Thank you, Father, for constantly keeping your arms and Heart extended to us and around us over and over again. And for never losing Hope that we can and will change. You’re so persistent with us! Please keep “pushing” us. We depend on it. Thank you for the solid Work you did in Jesus. For His blood, for His forgiveness.

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