A Cross for Others


Hi, i read the article “God’s Secret Wisdom”, and then i found this poem in my bible, and since it all re-encouraged me not to seek Jesus for my own personal pleasure but rather that it’s about “a CROSS for OTHERS”, i thought of sending it to you : )

love you much, rc

Do you follow a Christ who’s never suffered loss,

A Saviour who does not carry nor hand out a cross?

Know for sure that you will miss this treasure:

The Power and Wisdom of God in any measure.

Seek not for waterproof facts, resist this temptation:

To always want satisfaction and explanation.

But listen intently to Him who has and does take

His own special treasure to burn on a stake.

But surely to us who believe:

You turn turmoil to delight,

You urge and encourage in the fight

In hard places You help us to praise

You give us clarity in thick haze.

You who carried your cross,

tell the dead to return to life,

You who hands out our cross

bring peace when there’s strife,

You enable the blind to see

You alone, Jesus, truly set us free!


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