Culture is Not a Hiding Place


Sometimes I almost wish that I didn’t care so much for peoples’ spiritual condition, and I feel like, as Paul said, that the more he loved, the less he was loved. Sometimes I have secretly wished that I could be like so many others in christendom who can so easily just “flick off” anyone, like flicking off a bug at the their slightest disapproval or offense.

How do they do that? In Australia, it’s called “pulling the pin.” Most of my brothers have pulled the pin on me. I suppose it’s like cleaning your desk; any papers not deemed useful are quickly screwed up and hurled into the trash. Sometimes I feel like that paper. Giving brothers the flick really bothers me. To me, if a relationship with a brother ends, it feels the same as if they died.

Thanks, Jon

Jon, I know exactly what you mean... And likewise, a person living in shallowness or sin is then, by definition, living in broken relationship with others AND the Father (1Jn.1). And letting others give Jesus the flick without realizing it, or without challenge, for His sake and their own, is just as impossible. But, any of these scenarios can get us in “hot water” pretty quickly, eh? (Rev.12:11).

Have a Superb day,

...I appreciate and agree with what you are saying, that it IS the will of God, the normal Christian life for us to “exhort one another daily.”

I’m still very much the product of an abnormal church where “exhorting one another daily” is not socially acceptable, so I know that it’s a great lack in my life so far, but I do praise Jesus for the input that you guys have had concerning this area of life.

In fact, I can’t think of anyone that I have known here, except for one or two, who are open to input or challenge, or who would even be comfortable with the idea that another was concerned about the way they live and the choices they make, etc.

There is a fierce independent streak in Australians, on average. Some say this was inherited from the pioneers who settled a harsh country, often alone with no help. You may have sensed this when you visited.

And here in India, our contact with the churches is even more stifled than in Australia because of the “religious spirit.” Here, we can talk about “exhorting one another daily,” but if we actually do it, we are inviting trouble. The “pastors” are permitted to do it on Sunday, as long as it is done in a generalized way, with nothing personal or specific, but it is not permitted to flow the other way, from low social status up to the high, (being clergy and high income earners). I have been continually amazed as I’ve listened to some men bash people over the head with their rhetoric in their preaching, but in private, they are not open to even the gentlest word of challenge or exhortation....


But Jon!!!!!!!!!! Everyone WANTS to lie and covet and be prideful TOO! No matter WHAT country they’re from! UNLESS... they care more about what GOD says and thinks and feels, than what their flesh wants!! IF they care more about what GOD thinks than what comes natural, or what they want, then they will INTENTIONALLY CHANGE to please Jesus. That’s called “CHRISTIANITY!” So, if GOD says they MUST be open, how dare a Doulos try to hide behind the culture they claim was created by their great grand-pappy!!! Hmmmmmmm....

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