Darwinian Religion


If you ever doubted that Darwinism is a religious faith, listen to this 1.5 min news item about some “scientists” (the faithful) taking a “pilgrimage” in “honor” of the 150th anniversary of the publishing of On the Origin of Species.

As I hear about their hajj and listen to them gushing about their guru Charles Darwin, and speaking of how he was “converted” away from his Creator (their word!) on his trip on the HMS Beagle (much like Buddha was “enlightened” under the Bodhi Tree), one cannot help but see how similar Darwinism is to Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and the many other religions of man…

Except for the extra million dollars in jet transportation, and 10 million times the carbon footprint by using a jet rather than Darwin’s “true way,” it’s just like their master’s journey…

No world religion except Islam is as militant, intolerant, and controlling as the atheist/darwinian religion. Now that they have a hajj, they need some temples and weekly service times to go with their pseudo-science clergymen and they’d have it all.

Tim C

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