Dialoguing, Child to Father


A friend has forwarded some of the writings. I’ve noticed your reference to our Father as “Father”. There never seems to be a “the” or “our” before it. Can you let me in on why that is?


Hi Darren… Actually, I have never thought about it! It is just how I address Him, in a personal way, at times when I’m speaking with Him about one thing or another. My experience has been that Jesus opened the door, by His Blood and Resurrection, to enjoy Him and dialogue as a child with their loving father.

To Mary, as she encountered Him as the Risen Lord, Jesus said, “Go instead to my brothers and tell them, ‘I am returning to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.’” He didn’t say “to THE Father”. It was a personal matter to Him, and His message to Mary was that it was the same for us now. : )

Now, to be clear, I often use the expression “our” before “Father” if I am praying in a public setting, since I am speaking for everyone. “Our” makes sense in some contexts, for sure. If I was speaking in normal terms (rather than religious ones) I would refer to your father this way: “Could you tell YOUR father that I’ll be there at 7am to work on the car?” If it were about my paternal parent, I might say, “MY father is coming for dinner tonight—would you like to come also?” If you were a sibling of mine (biologically : ) ), I might say, “Dad will be here soon,” or “Our father wouldn’t like that attitude very much!” AND, if I were speaking directly to him, or of him, I might simply say, “Father, do you mind helping me with this problem?” or “Father, you’re wonderful.” OR I might say to my sibling, “Father knows best!” I might not say, “Our Father knows best” or “The Father knows best” in every instance. Since it is a real, living relationship, I never really thought about it being any different than any other relationship—except of course we’d never want to be disrespectful in any way.

While a 5 year old daughter of a King MAY very well run up to her father, jumping over all of the prostrate bodies and well-dressed political figures in the King’s court, and LEAP into his lap on the Throne, and throw her arms around him without any stiffness (THAT’S the picture!), it still is true, of course, that being disrespectful isn’t an option.

I truly don’t think there is any doctrine or teaching, or anything in my spirit, that makes me feel as if I’ve been disrespectful to Him—but I am open to your concern, if you still are concerned. So, I would love to hear any additional thoughts you have, and if you feel as if a rebuke is in order, I will prayerfully consider all that you have to say about it. Sincerely. I only want to please Him.

Thanks for writing.

In His Love,

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