Did You Hear About Mary? :)


Some thoughts from my notebook this morning... from a time together called, “Pour Out Your Life.” …The disciples murmured about Mary for the waste (giving more than necessary) when she anointed Jesus. Yet Jesus wanted her story to be known. He wants us to “waste” our lives on Him and each other in that same way. The world (and our logic) can’t understand. A window of time for anointing may pass if you wait. When they went to anoint His body, it was gone, but Mary had already anointed beforehand and gave her all. She held back nothing and had no regrets. If we can hear the gospel and truly see ourselves for who we are, it should produce this kind of life. What Mary did was out of control. There was no return on investment. It wasn’t recoverable. A wildly abandoned person doesn’t consider cost, ramifications, appearance, etc. It isn’t a list of pros and cons. Mary caught the scent and aroma of Jesus, and “Ah, what can I do?” It may not mean much to Him, but it’s my most precious thing. Just wanted to share those few gems this morning. I surely want to grow in loving on Him and you all by giving my most “precious thing.” Love, D

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