"Dinner Prayer"


Well, Dee, good question. I’ve asked the Father about that and related things over time, as well. He asked me if I would show the courtesy of thanking an earthly “host” for a meal, or overlook doing that out of “freedom.” Of course it would not be “freedom” to not thank an earthly provider, so it is also not freedom to not thank the True provider. However, while we may thank an earthly host before the meal for having us over and providing the food, we would also, even more likely, thank him AFTER the meal for having provided something so tasty. While not being diligent about thanking Him is not spiritual per se, there certainly OUGHT to be freedom to be expressive before, during or after, or all of the above—not in a religious way, but with simplicity as to a REAL person!!! The “holy moment of silence” IS NOT NECESSARY OR REAL :). Simple, real, Life with the Father and each other... —m


I have had this question for awhile.

Sometimes I’ve wondered if everyone praying together or singing before dinner in the evenings (at least in this city)... if it’s become a ritual, tradition, couch-pew sort of thing? It’s often somewhat awkward feeling or super-challenging for the children... (which that part could be good)... Seems like it’s mostly an expectation that we “always do this.” I have recently found myself kind of cringing on the inside about it but I could be wrong! :)

Maybe it’s good for everyone to slow down and hush after cooking or just coming home from work. Maybe it’s all well and good.

You can spread the word that we tell people thank you AFTER they fix us a meal generally, why not God that way? I brought McDonald’s to three 9-year-olds today and we stopped halfway through and thanked God. Thanking God is a great idea but it certainly doesn’t need to be a ritual.


On the topic of “thanking God for meals”...

1. Why does it have to be before a meal? Could it be in the middle of the meal? Could it be at the end of a meal, as it is likely to be between humans? Could it be everyone who’s grateful does so quietly and starts eating?

2. Speaking of quiet, does there have to be a “holy hush” where one by one everyone gets quiet and waits for the “service” to start?

3. Could anyone any time initiate thanking God proactively rather than waiting for some holy moment?

4. The head of the household asking someone else to pray is certainly permissible.

5. A song (“They sang a song and went out to the mount of Olives.”) is great—though not required. And the “order of worship” certainly doesn’t have to be before a meal—as opposed to during or after.


Are we all together on this?

[And what about “two or three saints are gathered” in a work scenario… If there is such a thing as a separate entity… And thanking God for something or asking for success or clarity about something? How’s that different than a meal?]

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