Divine Order

T.A. Sparks


It is of particular interest and concern to the enemy to disrupt and discredit all local representations of Christ and His Body, His Church. This he will do—and does—by bringing about wrong order.

Order—divine order—is absolutely indispensable to growth, strength, and effectiveness. This fact is greatly overlooked, and therefore much advantage is given to the enemy. Because the divine order is heavenly and spiritual, only the Holy Spirit, sent down from heaven, knows what it is and can administer and constitute it in each moment.

Immediately man puts his hand upon the local church to organize, form, arrange, and control it (for reasons of pride, fear, greed, or simply disConnectedness)... then disorder—or unorder—will set in, with the results of:




—make-believe and, in time

—an end in itself.

It can be worse—even shame and disgrace.

Therefore, to have the divine order, it is basically essential—as in the beginning—that the Holy Spirit shall be in complete control in terms of the absolute headship and lordship of Christ. This means that everything shall be meticulously referred and deferred to the Holy Spirit.

T.A.S (excerpt from “Divine Order—In Christ”).

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