DNA Science


Although fewer than 5% are homosexual going in to prison, nearly 50% coming out of prison are homosexuals.

While far fewer than 5% of children exhibit temptations in this area, nearly 40% of all homeless boys are homosexual.

Lust, opportunity, and media/cultural acceptance -- not DNA are the driving factors therefore, scientifically speaking. A domineering mother and absentee (emotionally or geographically) father describes 70% of all homosexuals. Certainly DNA does account for some of the temptations of some of the population, just as DNA accounts for some humans more inclined than others to be lazy or prideful or talkative, or other characteristics that need repentance.

For JESUS we are “never tempted beyond what we can bear” regardless of what temptations are presented to us due to the genome we were dealt, or our exposure and upbringing. Jesus is Alive and calling for us to lay it all at His feet.

See also 4JLT.com/DNA

Jesus is calling for us to lay it all at His feet


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