See If They Want To Follow Jesus



Left a message on your voice mail but thought I would write as well. Some REALLY weird stuff is going on here. Looks like the ole Church here is more than likely gonna split. I know that it is not the church and all of that but several of the men are expressing a real desire for me to lead or take part in this whole thing…Some of them sound like they are starting to see it, some I am sure do not and are just basing their decisions on felt stuff. But any way I am really struggling as to what part if any I should play in all of this. Am I just getting sucked into another public scourging or is the Lord wanting me to try to walk with some of these folks??? Anyway let me know if you have any discernment on this. I don’t want to just cast pearls but I also don’t want to run away from a chance to suffer for His name…

Hi… It’s NOT always the “right” thing to try to suffer for His Name. Remember Saul/Paul going over the wall in a basket? And Jesus’ Instructions to “flee to the next town” after “shaking the dust”?

However, it couldn’t hurt much to get with those who seem real (and ONLY those who do). I wouldn’t promise them anything. I wouldn’t agree to do ANYTHING as you all did before. No building. No sermons. No bible studies. No Sunday services. No guarantees for any certain amount of time you’ll even live there. No “Church of Christ” designation or any other “name”—since no Biblical church ever had any name. Stop calling each other “Brother so and so” (if they do)—since no one EVER did that in the New Testament, except with a Jew on one occasion. You’re willing to sit with them, with no “order of worship” or plan or program, or certain automatic day of the week. See if they want to follow Jesus, or just do rituals to fulfill some religious conscience thing. Can you do it? : ) Talk it over with others, too, by all means…….
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