John 12:24... DYING TO LIVE, Resurrection LIFE!

Going Higher Together


I put this below as a note on my phone. It is from the very end of the track “Brokenness” from the tape “Christianity: An Extreme Sport.” I appreciated hearing both of these tracks the other day. This line jumped out to me, but then yesterday when I fell apart when something was exposed in my heart, I could see how full of myself I’ve been. But I repented and am choosing to see it differently now! ; ) I want to sow the Seeds of the Life of Jesus, and I KNOW THIS IS TRUE, and HIM:

“Failure doesn’t get you down if you are broken, but devastates you if you are full of yourself. That is the irony…”

love, R

John 12:24

Girls up in the air as they are jumping rope

Don’t Catch Your Breath

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