Elevate and Cultivate DESIRE!

"Fan into FLAME" all He has called us to!

Hi, I put this picture together last week and it seems good to pass it on. :) It came out of a desire to encourage someone to not get caught up in stuff and fun and fulfilling our flesh that leads to death, but to make the time and seek FIRST Jesus and His Kingdom. And, of course, it's been good for me, too. :) The pictures on the left are Esau choices and where that gets us; the pictures on the right are choices to live for Jesus and others. :) Sent By: Love, cg


Elevate and Cultivate DESIRE!

Cultivate Desire!! Esau lived by the moment, and by what his flesh wanted. His desire for larger issues was too weak and undeveloped to give him the needed strength to CHANGE. He died in his sin, for lack of cultivating a strong desire for the Right things, and yielding to his flesh moment by moment-- a slave to foolish, wasteful, pathetic self-centeredness. He was not a "victim." He arrogantly did what pleased himself, with little sacrifice and little effort in cultivating a larger vision than his self-absorbed moment. Cultivate Desire for what pleases Jesus, and live for that larger Picture! "WE make it our undying passion to PLEASE HIM" (2Cor.5:9) "Without vision, the people perish, throw off restraint, self-sacrifice" (Prov.29:18). Cultivate DESIRE, and you shall LIVE. Walk your talk.

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