What is Eternity? I’m not sure I WANT time to last forever.


First of all, if you are thinking and considering Eternity, then that is a GIFT from God. The ability to care at all is God’s Spirit making you aware and able to sense these things, so it HAS to be for the Good—IF you let it be by being on His side! He is “everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” A person who God has not reached out to is INCAPABLE of sensing these things or caring about them. “They are foolishness to him and he CANNOT understand.” SO, THIS IS A GOOD THING that Father is bringing you into, and calling to you with.

Secondly, the nature of Eternity itself is something you are ALREADY familiar with—and it’s not something that has frightened you in the instances that I am about to refer to. So, it shouldn’t frighten you now either, as long as your life is fully entrusted into Jesus’ hands and washed in His Blood.

Because we were created SPIRITUAL beings, and are capable NOW of being “seated with Christ in Heavenly Realms,” and earthly things are “a shadow of the Reality that is in Christ”—we have all “tasted the powers of the coming age” on one level or another. And it was FUN, not frightening! Can you think of times (I know you have experienced this!) that “time seemed to stand still?” Can you think of times that you looked up at the clock, and you were having so much fun that you hadn’t realized that you were really late getting home? It seemed like only a half of an hour, but really two hours had gone by? A game you were playing, or others you were with that you enjoyed, or singing or praying or reading? I KNOW you have had this sort of thing happen to you, right? Everyone has. “Where did the time go?!” WELL, then, you have TOUCHED Eternity!

Titus 1:2 (“before there was time”) says that “TIME” is a creation of God for this present age. It is just a created thing, like trees or water or air or mountains. The mountains will fold up, the sky will crack, Jesus will burst through the props of this present age—and take us to HIS HOME and to a place prepared for us—where there IS NO TIME! It’s not as if it will all just go on and on and on and on and on........ with endless boredom! There IS no time there! It will be like your brief exposures to “timelessness” when you didn’t know how so much time had gone by, because you were enjoying yourself. Except multiply the fun and adventure and life and love by a ZILLION!! In “Heavenly Realms” with Jesus and one another, THERE IS NO TIME! We don’t need it—there’s nothing to measure! It was just invented by God to put a “time” limit on how long we are on this stage, showing him our love and obedience and perseverance “to find out what is in our hearts.” And then we can get on with the real things, the things that are no longer simply “shadows” (Col.2, Heb.5-10, Rev.21)! And it will not be that time will just run on and on and on: thus “eternity.” RATHER, it will be that TIME NO LONGER EXISTS—just as those brief glimpses you and I and everyone have experienced when were totally absorbed into something outstanding! I know you’ve had those times when someone saw the look on your face and said, “Hello! Earth to you! Anyone home??!!”—because they saw the look on your face where you had stepped out of physical time and were not where they were, controlled by earthly things. Multiply that times a ZILLION, and then understand that HERE is the lack of reality compared to being with Jesus in Heavenly Realms (it’s not a dream world there—it is more Real than anything we could ever imagine!).

So, just know those two things. : ) 1) God’s Spirit is making you aware of things that most CANNOT even care about, and you do. Even if it starts out a bit scary in your thinking, it is really a compliment from God that He cares about you. Don’t let the enemy spoil it by thinking about it as if it is a bad thing. IF you let yourself be washed in the Blood of the Lamb, abandoning love of self for love of One much more worthy—then Eternity is an AWESOME gift! And you’re Invited, obviously. That’s a GOOD thing! 2) Eternity has nothing to do with “time” going on and on. There IS no time there, just as there was no time before the earth was created. That is an incredible thought, and hard for our minds to grasp... but you’ve experienced a WEE bit of it, as I have. Eternity is now WHO WE ARE! Not something we do before we run out of time and do something else. SO, remember your most pleasant experiences when “time disappeared,” and know that Jesus who loves you and wants to hold you and have you totally, has gone “to prepare a place for you” so that you can be totally in Him and He in you and all in all in the Father, with wild joy and excitement and adventure—with no time in the way to tire us or bore us or STOP us!!

God’s Holy Spirit is just making sure you know that you are invited to the Party!!

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