Would you consider something with me? i was thinking about the time when Jesus spoke of Nathanael as a true Israelite because there was nothing false in him, no guile. And i was just reflecting on all those multitudes of ways we learned to function in the “social etiquette” of the world in our former lives and environments—you know the type of thing i mean: don’t answer the phone after the first ring; don’t ever show up to a function early; don’t ever reveal your weaknesses or make yourself vulnerable by being REAL about inner things that make you look bad, no matter how true they are, etc. i was marveling at how DIFFERENT the etiquette of the Kingdom is, and i was so very grateful that it is possible to be people in whom there is no guile, no pretense, no projected image other than the real thing. AND, what’s equally wonderful, within this House there is Safety in vulnerability and humility and honesty, in fact there is Healing and Growth possible there, because our Security rests on the Blood and the Covenant of the Son, and never upon our own abilities or pasts or weaknesses.

We have the Promise and the privilege of knowing that if we do what we do in response to God’s Word and care for His people, that we risk nothing but the loss of immaturity or ignorance or our former, carnal ways. So, the consider part is this: Open yourself up to the Spirit’s examination of your ways with each other—do you still unknowingly follow the social etiquette of the world to any degree in any matter? i don’t mean introspection : ), rather just being open to recognizing functioning between us as less than the Level of honesty and humility and FREEDOM and SECURITY that Father has granted for our quality of Life Together. i know that i find myself in a “guarded” mode at times that is surely inappropriate between Blood-Bought Family members in a Battle together for Life and Truth. We all stand Alive because of the Blood of the Lamb and the Love of the saints; let’s Celebrate this by our Kingdom-etiquette functioning. : ) —ls 10:39 a.m.
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