Faith is Seeing As God Sees


I'll say this first, then explain it: Faith isn't "what you want or what you hope for" even if those are good things. FAITH is declaration of what is TRUE, Who HE is "no matter what," and who YOU are no matter how you feel.

Faith words are courageous and inspiring and defiant of how you feel or what you're experiencing. The ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE and FAITH is what should leak out in what you say to me or others. Faith always, by definition, sees things as God sees them, not "what we want" (even if good, like "I just want to be free, so I can ___").

Our words and thoughts are consumed by admitting and declaring POSITIVES, not moaning of negatives, no matter how "real" they seem. This is just "101" though we all (read "me too") need to move more this direction without delay.

A Christian man I knew from India demonstrated FAITH in pain and adversity in a way that inspires me to this day. INSPIRE others with your firm resolve and WORDS of NOTHING negative or defeatist--or less than declaring who JESUS is no matter what. As long as it's about you, it's still not faith.

Got it? :)
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