Faith, and the Mind Controlled By the Spirit


The “facts” of the world must not dictate our thoughts or emotions. In truth, in this place and time and realm, “FACTS” are *BORN* out of our thoughts, consecrated by FAITH.

“The Word was with God. The Word was God.”

We RECREATE the world we live in by our Faith, our vision, our total abandoned trust in our God and His Christ and His sovereign Ways. “Facts” are slaves to us—we are not slaves to so-called “facts.” Supposedly, “walking on water” isn’t “possible.” Wrong. We must not give in to the emotions of observing our “situation” and despairing. In doing so, we CREATE an abyss of despair and negative situations. “I told you so” is what people say that have CREATED negative life by their attitudes that they tolerated earlier on.

Jesus built the House of millions, not by despairing of our inadequacies or failures or lack of loyalty and ingratitude to Him. He built, and is building His Kingdom by believing into Greatness—the twelve failures, and then us. The “facts” didn’t support His emotions towards them (“my friends,” “my brothers,” “I give you the Keys to the Kingdom”). But He “called things that are not, as though they are” and CREATED Life out of the misty void of chaos that marks all carnal men’s lives. He BUILT, He CREATED the “facts” by mastering His thoughts and making them subject to His Father.

We CREATE a Life of Goodness and Fruitfulness by our attitudes, our faith. We CREATE the “facts” by controlling our emotions and perspectives and BUILD THE FUTURE out of our Faith. Or we create the “facts” of future despair by tolerating fear, defeat, bitterness, pity.....

“The evidence of things HOPED HOPED HOPED for, the substance of things UNSEEN.”

This is our CITY, brothers and sisters. The New Jerusalem, the CITY of Peace, coming down out of Heaven... APPREHENDED, CREATED by FAITH—by making our thought-life OBEY us for Him, not master us.... and the beginning of the Journey for some is nothing more than saying AMEN to all of this.... rather than, “Yea, but....”


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