Let Go for Supernatural Life

Will YOU be one? "Sons of God MANIFEST!"


You! I don’t know how much pain you’ve ever endured in your life?! You have to welcome it. You might have had some here and there, and everybody has this internal thing that goes on sometimes. But as far as something utterly devastatingly humiliating and painful, so much that you can’t even catch your breath, you can hardly even breathe, those things are part of the future, where new things are born. Apart from welcoming those things, embracing them, rather than running from them, nothing supernatural happens. We’re just couch potatoes, nice guys in a whole universe of nice guys.

I think, as the clock is winding down, and the sands of the hourglass are diminishing, God is looking for supernatural men and women! “All creation groans until the Sons of God are manifest.” Does that mean there have never been any Christians until now? That’s not what it’s talking about. It’s talking about the Sons of God being manifest! It’s talking about men and women who are supernatural in their hearing, in their seeing, in their speaking, in their strength, in their endurance, in their patience, in their character and love, in their fury and their wrath, in their creativity—the Sons of God being manifested that demonstrate the full measure of the stature of Christ. That stuff is pretty lacking still.

I don’t think any of us, unless we’re just totally hypnotized ourselves, are content with “same old, same old.” And if not, you’ve got to be aware that something that is so devastatingly painful and so objectionable that it’s past speaking, is the only place where new things are born.

I read a book when I was probably a Christian less than a year: Let Go and Let God. I don’t know what that meant to whoever wrote it at the time, but I do know that that’s entirely accurate. And Jesus spoke those same words a thousand different ways and lived those words. He let it all go. Faithful and True! He let it all go so that He could ride a white horse and ride on wings of flame with a sword coming out of His mouth to do something no one had ever done.

Ambition and information will never change the world, only death to self will open that porthole to the Supernatural. The ones who are busy protecting ourselves and having it our own way, trying to avoid all pain, are never going to see the real thing to the extent that we could.

We’ve talked about the Feast of Tabernacles before and that’s actually how that John 7 started, was the Feast of Tabernacles: a whole lot in a realm that happens before the Harvest. October feast instead of a spring feast.

Here we are in October reading about it and talking about it, but on a personal level I know, on a corporate and a world wide level, it’s scary stuff to even think about what it means to be faithful and true, what it cost Him to be called that by the Father, allowed to ride that white horse and represent His Father—it cost Him to do that! That’s the invitation that all of us are entering into! That’s where Tabernacle starts.

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