For Him?

He Did It For Us...


“COMFORT ZONES.” They are your enemies. Because? Because they are GOD’S enemies. They influence you. They want to own you. They whisper rationalizations into your ear for “WHY” it’s okay to not do this or that. In short, they CUT YOU OFF FROM GOD’S VOICE AND GOD’S PLAN, if you allow them to make a home in your heart. WHO CARES if you just added on to your house, just bought your house, just got the children settled into whatever, feel this or that for the first time in your life, just got a big raise and feel appreciated. Is that worth more to you than pleasing Jesus? Would you step outside of the River of Life and His Plan for you and those around you... for THAT? That would be CRAZY!

Consider carefully and prayerfully what your COMFORT ZONES are today? Your house, your job, closing up the house at night with your sweet physical family? The weather, your city, the scenery, your hobbies, sports, reading, alone time, finances? ANYTHING AT ALL that would influence you away from hearing Father’s gentle whisper because YOU JUST PLAIN LIKE IT THE WAY IT IS—is your enemy and God’s. You may not need to “change” any of those things today—you may not need to move out of your nice house into an apartment for Kingdom Purposes today, or quit your job or your hobby TODAY... but always be willing, okay? Keep a very soft grip on ANYTHING of this present age, okay? Go into your heart today and lay all of your most precious things on the Altar, for Jesus... would you? It will be a holy and pleasing and fragrant aroma to Him, for all of us to do that together.
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