Force Yourself to "Discern the Body"


Something to ponder while caught in the traffic : ) The first letter to the church in Corinth revealed some serious problems. They were taking each other to court. They were not caring for each other, but only thinking of themselves and their wants and needs. They had sin problems of various kinds. They had divisions within themselves. That same letter ALSO revealed a major root these problems had their root in. MANY, MANY PAINFUL PROBLEMS WILL ALWAYS FLOW AT A RAPID, DESTRUCTIVE PACE IF THIS PROBLEM THE APOSTLE MENTIONS REMAINS UNDEALT WITH! What is that ROOT that the other problems flowed from? You’ll find it in 1Cor. 10 and 11. It is this: THEY WERE NOT DISCERNING “THE LORD’S BODY!” They couldn’t SEE Jesus in these other people around them, or in the Church Jesus had planted there for them. They could only see themselves, and “men walking as trees.”

IF we’ll SEE Jesus in His Plan and in His BODY, in a supernatural way... MANY other roots of evil will be flushed out of our lives and out of our Relationships and our Service of Him! We must force ourselves to See JESUS in what Jesus says He has done... AND RESPOND ACCORDINGLY! We must treat others and See others the way GOD says things ARE! We must “DISCERN THE BODY” in order to See Him and have His Blessing in our lives and midst. MUCH sin and chaos and division and many curses (even sickness and death, according to Paul!) come from NOT forcing ourselves to SEE as God Sees. Being “conscious of God” in all things, and “discerning the Body” in all ways He has decreed and endued... is a WONDERFUL opportunity to find “LIFE that is REALLY LIFE!” Let’s “DISCERN THE BODY” as He’s called us to? Good night : ) 11:31 p.m.
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