Sanitizing Our Hearts, "Conscious of GOD"


Tuesday Afternoon, April 30, 2002

A visit from Kinetico Water an hour ago reminds me of an Essential Spiritual point.... I asked the serviceman what prompted their new policy of always sanitizing the tanks whenever they change the filters. I said, “Is it because you’ve found bacteria levels to be too high if you don’t sanitize also?” He said, “Wellllll, yeah, that too I guess.” I said, “That too, and what?” He said, “Welll, the factory warranty demands that we do it now.”

I thought, “You know, that’s so pathetic and is a major SPIRITUAL danger for some we know, too.” Kinetico doesn’t sanitize because there’s bacteria that could make people sick. THEY sanitize because it might void a factory warranty if they don’t. And, far WORSE, some people don’t ask for help, or get input or open their lives or be with people BECAUSE IT PLEASES GOD. They do it because their wife hassled them into it, or they don’t want to get any questions from anyone, or they want to be able to say, “Yeah, I already talked to so and so” (having given them half the information and USED them to justify their own end). Wouldn’t that be PATHETIC if anyone ever did such a heinous thing? Nah, no one would do that.... xoxoxo

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