Brain Temptations


Friday Night, December 1, 2000

an intercepted conversation between disciples of Jesus...

Just to illustrate the evil or good power of the mind...I had kind of a hard conversation, for an hour or two, recently with someone close to me. Realistically she hasn’t done anything terribly wrong since then—I just expected something more back from her than I got. Because I was vulnerable with her, at certain times since then she has seemed “arrogant” towards me, or “defiant” or “rude” and especially “ungrateful.” Is she all of that? I feel it, and my mind says “treat her cold” “turn away from her” “make her come to you if she really wants a relationship.” “Why should I come to her, after all I’ve done for her?” Etc. etc. The “brain”/“temptation” is an amazingly powerful thing...but we must not give in. WOW! Do I feel the need and the “right” to react. Even saying and knowing all of that, I strongly still want to do it. must not be!

*I* am the loser if I do, because “God is Love” and *I* will find Him nowhere if I won’t go there. See what I mean?
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