The Miracle of His Life, HIS Way :)


...a brief snapshot

Wednesday Morning, January 3, 2001

If you’ve ever seen a real Church function, day to day, “as you rise up, as you sit down, as you walk along the way” (rather than something to “attend” in a building or living room), then this “shadow” that Father created in the human body is AMAZINGLY insightful!

Ten percent of all bone in a person’s body is replaced every year. A person 85 years of age has no bone older than twenty years in his entire body. Spiritually, in a Real Body, it is so. Just like 85-year-old Caleb at the foot of the mountain of giants: “Man, there aren’t any of you half my age any more able than I am to take this mountain away from those bad boys! I’m as fit and ready now as I was forty years ago—I’m hungry for ALL God wants! Let’s go!” And so it is in the Church, as well as the individual.

The renewing process is not without violence! “The Kingdom is entered forcefully, and the violent take it by force!” In order to renew the life and strength in the human body, cells known as “osteoclasts” squirt an acid onto the bone to remove older layers. This acid is strong enough that it can burn a hole in sheet metal. That is happening in your body continuously, to strengthen you and protect your future. There can be no new growth and health and strength within us, without the burning away of that which is old and losing flexibility and strength. “Osteoblast” cells follow behind and rebuild what the acid has burnt away. “In the Body there are many gifts!” Both prophetic and circumstantial “burning away”... AND the mercy and patience and wisdom that rebuilds the dross that was burnt away in our lives. We are truly “refined as by a fire”—if we’re alive at all.

In the case of trauma, such as a broken bone, the UGLY and PAINFUL swelling and blood clotting serve a purpose! “The Kingdom is entered through much tribulation.” Even in the case of a terrible tragedy in the body, or the Body, if there is LIFE in the body, “daily in public, and from house to house,” “night and day, house to house,” “when one part of the Body suffers, the entire Body suffers,”... it will only cause a strengthening! Just as the body surrounds the injury with protection with pain messages and swelling, that same hematoma, the swelling and the blood clotting later is miraculously transformed in the body from blood into BONE! The stem cells that build new life, and once divided every two days, now are summoned for duty and divide and accomplish in three minutes what was done in two days, in a non-traumatic environment! And so it is, in the Body of Christ.

Miracles of healing happen, and the pace of relatively peaceful and invisible growth in a normal world, shows the full beauty and magnitude of what God has Designed, during “the unlikely event of an emergency landing.” God is Good and His ways are PERFECT! Get in on it!!
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