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Thursday Afternoon, October 24, 2002

An interesting discovery amongst scientists once again demonstrates a Spiritual reality, at the expense of conventional scientific thought. I love it when that happens. : )

While Einstein and his counterparts taught “the speed of light” is a limiter of any activity, some recent experiments (and now explanations of past experiments that “made no sense” at the time) have led to an interesting discovery. Notice the Spiritual application as you read. Science, math, music...are all “shadows of the Reality that is in Christ!” And it seems that the more that is “discovered” (such as the “Bose-Einstein Condensate”—a newly discovered state of matter that has MUCH to say about the Nature of the Body of Christ!), the more it all points towards Spiritual Principles.

This latest discovery in the field of Quantum Physics has blown the minds of many scientists. It is related to a state of affairs amongst subatomic particles, when two particles become “entangled” with one another. It is known amongst scientists, clever guys that they are, as “Entanglement.”

As you read this excerpt below, enjoy the fact that GOD, and often HIS PEOPLE, have always violated the “laws” of the physical world. Not a big deal, when you’re “seated with Christ in heavenly realms.” You can think of many examples. Jesus walking through locked doors, Peter walking on water, men and women of God knowing things they couldn’t know, Philip’s “beaming away” (Acts 8:39) from the Ethiopian, axe heads floating, and ten thousand other such instances. And, it’s just entertaining to see scientists scratching their heads when things “can’t happen”—but they themselves have proven that they CAN and DO happen. : ) Even in their boring worlds where souls are not at issue, dust to dust.

Notice in this excerpt about subatomic particle “Entanglement”... that solid Disciples of Jesus do this “Entanglement” stuff all the time! When we live as the daily Body of Christ, it makes perfect sense that it would be this way! “We being many are ONE.” “When one part suffers, the whole Body suffers.” “Contending as One Man for the Faith.” Just normal Connected Life!

“Entanglement” occurs when two subatomic particles are somehow connected or “entangled” with one another, so that when something happens to one particle, the same thing simultaneously happens to the other particle, even if it’s miles away. However, this concept violates the theory of special relativity, since communication between two places cannot occur faster than the speed of light. In the last decade, researchers have shown in laboratory experiments that entanglement does indeed happen, and in one case it occurred over a distance of almost 10 miles.

(By the way, you really ought to check into the Bose-Einstein Condensate while you’re at it! It is an amazing visual aid gift from Father to describe what He Desires in His People.)

Implosion and Explosion of a Bose-Einstein Condensate “Bosenova”

“In a Bose-Einstein condensate, virtually all the atoms in the ultra-cold gas fall into the lowest-energy quantum mechanical state. Spread out in space, they become superimposed on one another, each indistinguishable from the other, creating what has been called a ‘superatom.’ In quantum-dynamic terms, the same “wave function” describes them all.

“By making a Bose-Einstein condensate in a particular isotope—rubidium-85—and then changing the magnetic field in which the BEC is sitting, researchers can adjust the wavefunction’s self-interaction between repulsion and attraction. If the self-interaction is repulsive, all the parts of the wavefunction push each other away. If it is attractive, they all pull towards each other, like gravity. Achieving a pure BEC in rubidium-85 required the cloud of atoms to be cooled to about 3 billionths of a degree above absolute zero, the lowest temperature ever achieved.

“Making the self-interaction mildly repulsive causes the condensate to swell up in a controlled manner, as predicted by theory. However, when the magnetic field is adjusted to make the interaction attractive, dramatic and very unexpected effects are observed.

“The condensate first shrinks as expected, but rather than gradually clumping together in a mass, there is instead a sudden explosion of atoms outward. This ‘explosion,’ which actually corresponds to a tiny amount of energy by normal standards, continues for a few thousandths of a second. Left behind is a small cold remnant condensate surrounded by the expanding gas of the explosion. About half the original atoms in the condensate seem to have vanished in that they are not seen in either the remnant or the expanding gas cloud.

“Since the phenomenon looks very much like a tiny supernova, or exploding star, the JILA team dubbed it a ‘Bosenova.’ The most surprising thing about the Bosenova is that the fundamental physical process behind the explosion is still a mystery.”

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