Tasting the Powers of the Coming Age: Some Practical Applications Part 2


Some Practical Applications (Part 2)

April 1999

The Real World is Unseen

It ought to be very clearly on your mind that it is incumbent upon you to make sure that every one of the children understands that this world we are living in is not the real world. It’s not the real thing. It’s not what we live for, it’s not what we put our energy in, and it’s not what we care about. The REAL world is a world that is UNSEEN. All the unseen issues of Authority, Love, Grace, Prayer, Worship, Forgiveness, Angels, Freedom, Wisdom, True Relationship, Light—THESE things are the REAL and tangible things from God’s View of planet Earth. And the reality of all of those things is in the unseen world—NOT the seen world.

“Mere humans” (as God called those who can ONLY see temporary and three-dimensional objects) are BLIND to the only things that are REAL, and controlled by things that are only “shadows” and “object lessons” in the visible world. I think it is so important to see that our job is to raise up a generation that can see these things and comprehend what this planet is for. They need to see their place in the world, and need to learn how to see through the image into the reality. We want them to see through the shadow to find what the shadow points to. They need to run with all their might after the real things and not after the shadows.

Show Them

Take this seriously. These things have to be so much a part of you that you could actually, in turn, help others to see something in this present age that is beyond the end of their nose. Teaching others to taste the powers of the coming age is a responsibility you can’t neglect. “I’m going to show these people something that you, satan, don’t want them to see.” That’s your job with co-workers, neighbors, relatives, and your children. Show them something the enemy does not want them to see. Show them that the world has been pulled over their eyes to blind them to the truth. Teach them to see what is real—that they are prisoners, slaves in this present dying, decaying age.

YET, they were born to live and to have abundant life. They were born to have true life—to taste the powers of the coming age and to be seated with Christ in heavenly realms. They are not meant to be slaves bound to this decaying, fallen world. They are not meant to be slaves to their lustful pursuits and the futility of their thinking. They are not to be bound by the empty darkness of their hearts and understanding—being slaves pushed around by hormones and moods and selfish desires that have enslaved the present age and those who have lived for pleasure.

Those people are dead even while they live. No matter how nice they are, no matter how talented they are, no matter how intelligent they are, no matter how accomplished they are in a fallen world—what difference does it make? “I’m an expert shadow maker.” So what? “I’m an expert at manipulating shadows.” So what? The real issue is what are you going to do in the real world, in the unseen world, which is eternal? Is that where you will live and will that be where you make your mark? Will you just push around little piles of sand your whole life and allow everyone else around you to do the same? Are you going to pat them on the back? “Oh, you did such a good job when you did basketball, or soccer, or your job so well. You pushed that pile of sand from here to there. Congratulations! You should feel really good about that. You should just drool all over yourself about how wonderful it is to push a pile of sand from point A to point B.”

See Through the Mirage

We can’t let our children grow up thinking that this present age has any meaning in and of itself. This life is an opportunity to stand tall and say, “I’m going to show everyone around me what you don’t want them to see, satan. I’m going to show them that this world has been pulled over the eyes of the whole population. Satan wants us to be a whole race of slaves that think we are having fun, that think we are free, that think our lives have meaning. Then, “Poof! Flush!” down into the abyss goes everyone who lived for themselves, religious or not, with nothing left to show for it all. Let’s make sure there is a clear focus in our own hearts day-to-day and with any job that we have. The vendors, the employees, the co-workers—whoever they are; it’s just an opportunity to say, “You’ve had a world pulled over your eyes to blind you to the truth. And I want to tell you about something that the enemy doesn’t want you to know. This world is a mirage. That’s a sandcastle that you have just spent your life building, and it’s going to blow away! It’s going to dry up and blow away. It doesn’t mean a thing. You need to understand that there are heavenly realms. There is a whole unseen universe that you can’t see because you are dead in your transgressions and sins. You are darkened in your heart and mind in the futility of your thinking. You are darkened because you have decided to worship the created thing rather than the Creator, who is ever to be praised. You’ve been given over to a depraved mind, and yet Jesus is extending His hand to pull you into the real world. THE ONE raised from the dead, can see things as they really are and can pull you into the real world where you are not a slave anymore.”

Time is Short: Use it Wisely

That is the opportunity that lies in front of us with these children who live among us as students. They are here to be raised as a tribe, as a race. They are not here so that we can simply feed them and educate them in math, science and handwriting. This is not just another one of our jobs. We do the laundry, we go to work, we mow the lawn, we piddle in the yard, we paint the walls (and paint them again and then we paint them again), and we also educate our children. That’s not really what children are for. Our responsibility is to take our live-in students and show them what life really is. Not what everybody else thinks it is, but what it really is. They are live-in students. We want to use our opportunities wisely. The days are both short and evil.

The phrase, “Say a little prayer for me” made me sick to my stomach long before I was a Christian, except back then I didn’t know why. “Say a little prayer for me.” What does that mean? That is so pathetic! That is so sickening—so much of a fallen world and superstition. It’s disgusting. We don’t teach our children to “pray,” we teach our children to commune with the Godhead. That is very different. We don’t teach them to say “little prayers.” We teach them that this world means nothing. We teach them that this world is an illusion. And we teach them to speak to the author of the unseen realm and the conqueror of everything that is in the seen world. This little papier-mâché world that you can stick your hand right through is so meaningless, so trivial. We teach our children to go past that. We teach them to see past that and to talk to the God who created all of this illusion, this cardboard world that we live in. We teach them to talk to, communicate with, and present requests before the One who made all of this—the One who lives in the unseen realm. We don’t teach them to say their “prayers.” We teach them to look past the seen world—and THAT is what this thing called “prayer” is!

A “Good” Mother or Father

What is the definition of a “good” mother or a “good” father? It’s not about simply providing the children with food, clothing, and shelter, or taking them to the zoo, golfing, flying kites, riding bicycles, family dinners and “devotionals,” growing gardens, passing or dribbling a ball with them, painting pictures, and educating them. A “good” mother or father is one who leads the children to the REAL Jesus, in intimacy, and zeal, and love, and total abandonment—and demonstrates all of that daily, amongst the Saints themselves. Anything less is subtly but surely DESTROYING our children (as nice and warm and fuzzy as it may seem), by teaching them a value system that will lead them towards dullness, deception, and death. Let’s do it Right, in Him and through Him, for His Glory!

That is to say, imagine I lived in a third world country such as Mozambique. Trees are rare there, as you know. Now, what IF (hypothetical illustration) generations have been taught that feeding children sawdust was what made and kept children healthy? I might fight and kick and scratch, and travel extensively and work sacrificially, to find a way to “Get sawdust for my dear children!” If I thought sawdust was extremely nutritious, and my children’s illnesses were caused by sawdust deficiency, I would pour great energy into acquiring sawdust, at the expense of other personal goals and desires.

You are viewing the temporal as nutritious and essential for your “family’s” well-being. You are convinced of it, based on your upbringing and your inherited value system, and lack of clear vision of the UnSeen Realm. In the scenario represented of your daily functioning, you feed your children that which will kill them, thinking that it is life-sustaining. Sawdust or methanol in the bloodstream is toxic and accumulates into death. It is not nutritious. We serve a myth when we do that! Your efforts are misguided, if you are seeking primarily to provide that which cannot bring or protect life (education, emotional bonding, food and shelter, fun, etc) at the expense of the only things that can sustain and protect. Only focus and sacrifice and passion (and decisions and time which reflect “seeking FIRST the Kingdom” as Priority ONE,) for Jesus of Nazareth and that which are His—are alive with Possibility and Miracles and Meaning. We find our lives...by losing them. Ouch. The other stuff takes care of itself, as Jesus said. And it truly does, at a level FAR beyond what we could achieve on our own efforts and skills and meager individual gifts and time.

You do need to ACT in your daily life as if the UnSeen is the passion of your life. You must, of course, stop feeding your biological family sawdust on the myth that it is nutritious and essential! You’re not doing them any favors by demonstrating a faulty priority system. As in the note about “good” fathering or mothering in the beginning, we are harming—not loving—our children if they don’t See our priority system as serving Heaven. This is to be distinguished, as far as the east is from the west, from “christian culture” and “christian philosophy” added to an otherwise purposeless and shallow life and self-serving worldly (or even “my ministry” foolish religious) affections.

Make the UnSeen the primary objective you have for your biological family by losing yourself and them into Jesus and what is His and in His Body. In so doing, you are giving them MORE, not less! It “feels” risky maybe, but both the Scriptures and more than fifteen years of watching it happen with triple digit numbers of children locally, including my own, give me the idea that God is right, after all! Duh! And so... blindness, not “discerning the Body,” continuing in our own ways—always having to be in the driver’s seat ourselves—is sickening or even lethal, according to God (1Cor. 11, 12; Heb. 3, 10, 12; Rev. 2-3; Lk. 9:57-62).

Here’s a BIGGIE. You need to know that all of this is what the planet is even here for: to separate the blind and self-centered from the Genuine. And the planet’s systems and pressures, having separated and purged, will then continue by the Holy Spirit’s Guidance to test and equip and prepare for the Glorious Assignment those for whom Destiny is rapidly approaching—the Offspring and co-Workers of God. Who are these that will be shown to be of a different Breed, breathing different Life? Not the “good person” versus the “bad person”—but Those who can See and will Respond, versus those who FAKE IT. Some are merely trying to get along with the “christian” culture and not stir up any trouble that will upset anyone, but are still blind and self-centered and self-willed. Some want to be somebody within religion (“house church” or within “institutional christianity,” or by themselves) with borrowed revelations, human adrenaline and pride. Some hide behind fear or “hurt” as their reason for not responding to the Shepherd’s Voice. Everyone will be shown for what they are, and receive appropriate compensation, according to Jesus and those whom He Instructed. The planet and this present age exist to apply the pressures that will separate and then equip.

In the (edited) Matrix movie, the weasel-of-a-man eating the steak with the enemy in the restaurant (What was his name? “Zilch”?) was willing to live for what wasn’t real. Why? Because, in his selfishness and lack of comprehension, he was willing to be deceived by illusions, and eventually even oppose what was True—in order to be comfortable. Physical comfort, religious comfort, “family” comfort, social comfort, occupational comfort, leisure time comfort, ego or financial comfort, religious ambition comfort...it’s all the same. Your heart wouldn’t be stretching towards these things if Father didn’t mean to bring it to pass in your life and family!


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